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Darlington Nagbe

Graduated: 2008

College: University of Akron

Pro Team: Columbus Crew


George and Louie transformed me into a man. When I moved to the United States I had no guidance or direction. They took me in like their own son and taught me to play the right way. With class.

-Darlington Nagbe

Josh Williams

Graduated: 2006

College: Cleveland State University

Pro Team: Columbus Crew

j will.jpg

“The path to realizing my dream of playing professional soccer started the day I put on the Internationals jersey. ISC taught me how to train, compete and tap into my true potential.”

-Josh Williams

John Nelson

Graduated: 2017

College: UNC (Chapel Hill, NC)

Pro Team: FC Dallas


Thank you to George and Louie Nanchoff and the ISC coaching staff for pushing me to be my best and shaping me into the player I am today. I took pride in wearing my club's colors and will always carry those memories with me. 

-John Nelson [MLS

SuperDraft speech)

Jason Shokalook

Graduated: 2020

College: University of Akron


Thanks to George, Louie, Michael, and the entire Internationals coaching staff I was able to realize my potential and my soccer dreams. Over the years I was able to develop great relationships with my teammates that will be life long friendships. I will always look back at my time in the Internationals Soccer Club as a  blessing.

-Jason Shokalook

Daniel Strachan

Graduated: 2017

College: University of Akron

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 4.18.33 PM.png

ISC was my second home for over a decade. It is where I learned leadership, a strong work ethic, and loyalty. The relationships I created while with the club will last a lifetime. Thanks to the Nanchoffs and the rest of the coaching staff at ISC, I have the tools and the knowledge and the drive to pursue all of my dreams both inside and outside the white lines. I am forever grateful for my time with this team and this family and I wouldn’t change it for the world. #Locals

-Daniel Strachan

Ryan Winquist

Graduated: 2019

College: Lipscomb University


Big thank you to George, Michael, Louie and all of the coaches at Internationals for developing me in to the soccer player and person I am today. They made my dreams become reality and taught me how to play the game I love the right way. The memories and friendships I have made with my teammates are things I wouldn’t trade for anything.

-Ryan Winquist

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