Today, we are building the leaders of tomorrow.  We strive to develop the complete individual through the game of soccer by providing them with the resources needed in order to reach their full potential, on and off the field.  Each player is challenged in a dynamic, competitive, and fun environment and encouraged to make his own decisions under the guidance of a well-qualified coaching staff. 

Technical Focus

At the earliest age, the focus is aimed at growing each individual player's technical skill level and comfort level on the ball. Using a variety of individual footskills, passing/dribbling patterns, and reaction drills we strive for each player to achieve true ball mastery.

Tactical Focus

As the player progresses through the program, he will continue to be introduced to and trained in more complex tactical concepts appropriate for that age and level of play. At the younger ages, the focus will be on concepts like proper spacing in formations and the responsibilities of various positions on the field. At the intermediate level, it will progress to more advanced concepts involving different styles of play and how to read the game around them.


And finally, at the oldest levels, our staff will shift focus to production and helping the team get results, the tactical nuances of the game at the highest level will be implemented and trained in order for each player to make decisions and execute at the highest level and in preparation for a future collegiate or professional career. 

Training Sessions

Training sessions take place 3-4 times per week at the best facilities available in the Cleveland area. During the outdoor seasons, sessions are held at the Pinnacle Sports Complex in Medina. During the winter seasons, sessions are held at the various locations throughout the Akron/Cleveland region. 

Pinnacle Sports

313 Medina Road

Medina, Ohio 44256